Mr. Steven L. Patterson is a young African American Artist based currently in Maryland, born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Steven's mother saw his artist ability at the early of five, where he would come home from school with a level of detail in his work that his teachers didn't believe was his. Steven is best known for his signature urban abstract style, where he reimagines places, events, and objects. His first art piece was published as a two-page spread in his local hometown art magazine. 

    He has been commissioned to do various art pieces for private collectors as early as thirteen. His art has been awarded by the Florida Art Education Association in the 2011 K-12 Visual Art Digital Exhibition. He incorporates various media into his work, although he favors acrylic, which he found most suitable to his practice. Inspired by life events and recounts of everyday objects, Steven's work is vibrant while evoking moments of calm line structures.