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Cold Phront (13"x19") - Limited Edition

Cold Phront (13"x19") - Limited Edition


This painting, at its core, is about change. In this painting, I was reminded of our weather. According to meteorologists, a cold front can cause significant changes in the weather at any time of the year. As the cool air moves the warm air, it creates a sudden drop in temperature. In this very action, I was inspired to create this piece by my recounts of attending different colleges and alumni chapter probates. In those experiences, I realized that much like cool air, our new members are equipped with new vigor to uphold the mission and objectives of Our beloved Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., putting the world on notice that a change is here. 


To view the original, this piece is on permanent display at the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. headquarters in Baltimore, MD. 


This is a limited edition print. This is an archival print and is a museum-quality piece, that uses refined archival pigments and papers to create beautiful, high-resolution finished artwork that will retain it brilliancy for many decades to come.


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